Human Resources

If you are obsessed with delivering results for customers, we want to talk to you regardless of your experience. We have multiple openings in Sales & Business Development, Marketing, Finance, Operations & Procurement. Please mail your resume to to apply to Sakthi Paper Mart.

Career Development

At Sakthi Paper Mart, we provide open channels for career development. Missions are defined and challenges are given according to each employee’s capabilities and performance at each stage. With steady improvement and great opportunities, employees are encouraged to develop their full potentials.


Starting salaries are based on a standard system and individual employees’ academic backgrounds and experience. Further appropriate adjustments are made based on performance reviews conducted annually. A variety of rewards are offered as incentives to encourage all employees for continuous improvement and innovation. A seasonal bonus based on annual profit is also included in the system.

Learning and Training

Employee training programs are tailored specifically for each person, based on educational background, work experience, job assignment, career goals and performance.